Still no response from the controller. My code is AVR ASM, I’m pretty sure it would work. I also tried some C code I found on the internet – no response (my ASM code uses the hardware SPI module, the code I found on the internet just uses the PORTs/PINs. That makes me think the controller is broken. It still works at the computer though. Maybe I’ve blown some PORT fuses in the controller. I’ll have a friend of mine check whether the controller works on his PS2 tomorrow. Maybe I can get another controller then, too. I fear that only the original Sony controller work at 5V :/ . I have to be more carefull with the next controller I get. I still have to finish the chemistry stuff, I’ll get back to some more coding after that. There’s still a lot of work to do that can be done without a controller. Things like buffers and so on.

– TokyoDrift

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