Welcome To My New Blog


this is my new blog. I will write about the things I develop on here. Feel free to leave a comment or write me an eMail whenever you find something I do interesting. I’m looking for new ideas all the time, too. Just a little more about myself: I’m a 15 years old german guy trying to finish off my school as best as possible. But I also develop things as long as possible. You may know me from that PS/2 Mouse connected to the PSP thing already, that’s the kind of stuff I like to do. Let’s see what this blog leads to.

BTW: I also added two projects already, check out the Projects page ;).

– TokyoDrift

    • EANG
    • April 24th, 2010

    T-Drift guy!

    I’m EANG (Prounc. E + ANG). I’ve got to know you most recent from PSP-HACKS.com. I’m from the other side of the planet from you. Asia and specifically Singapore. 36yrs and has been a gamer since Atari times.

    Hey! Impressive and innovative!! You and may more “Creative” guys are what Sony sees as “bad” to them, and not appreciate the impressive ideas you’ve got. These ideas are crazy but what the hack! They are fresh and they works!!

    Lots of complements to you guys, cos it is those ideas that makes you different from those so-call creative departments in Sony, that taking the existing product, give it a new twist and add a new outfit, market it and everyone “WOW” a bit… I see these as “FABs” and they are good at it.

    Product and values are more than FABs. I see only to spend wise on value-added products, not pay-more-for-for-the-same (PMFTS). Same reason why I’ve stuck with my PHAT for, thou the later has better LCD and memory.

    For the likes of our community legend, Dark Alex, I think he has give this community lots of opportunity to present to the world, the diverse and innovative community and individuals.

    By the way, isn’t it an economic phenomena the the world is focusing on Knowledge Assets as oppose to the industrial economy assets? Hasn’t anyone learn from the recent Google China, the importance of Openess to information and knowledge? Sony was in MAKE (Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) Award, and claims to practise Knowledge Managment, and yet they are so protective against their “technology”?? Are they not up against “Creative Destruction” (Boisot, 1998) to re-learn and come out something innovative??. Think about it again… Look at the evolution of gaming of Nintendo. I still reckon they are leaders and innovators of games. Sony is just a “media” game maker.

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